How we do it ยป talent risk mitigation

talent risk mitigation

Most organisations spend a lot of money attracting, assessing and developing the capability of their top people. Yet rarely do they systematically evaluate whether they are getting a return on investment on that expenditure. 

Why: because they make assumptions about their talent in terms of:

  • Retention – are they are going to stay?
  • Contribution – are they contributing what they are capable of?
  • Sustainability – are they likely to be able to sustain their performance over time?  Or are they likely to burn out?
  • Advocacy – are they likely to be saying good things about the enterprise?

Talent risk management enables better returns on talent investments.

Over the past ten years we have developed a psychometric tool which has valid and reliable measures for each of these four factors of talent risk. The tool is called the iREAP® and more information can be found here.

Talent risks are individually assessed for each person. In collaboration with the organisation the risks are quantified. Specific strategies, career/succession planning and development actions to mitigate those risks are also made. The data provided is integrated into group succession planning processes.

Senior executives and leaders can also be coached in how to have talent development conversations. The purpose of these conversations is engage and align talent to the future business needs.

To obtain a copy of a sample talent risk report with development recommendations please click here. 

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