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talent and career management

We provide assessment and development services right across the talent spectrum:

  • Gift: identifying the capability (potential, personality, talent risk and engagement level) of top talent and people in specialist high value roles. Retaining key talent.
  • Lift: assessing the engagement and productivity levels of the wider workforce. Working with lower engagement pockets not performing as expected. Developing careers and getting 'latent' capability into gear. Entice greater contribution and performance across the enterprise.
  • Shift: people who may not be the right fit for role or enterprise. We support them to take responsibility and shift attitudes and make internal moves. Where necessary to support individuals to make dignified and graceful career exits.

Lifting the contribution of the 60% is the biggest opportunity in business today

Typically a workforce can be segmented in such a way where 20% are the top talent and top performers with another 20% operating with marginal or sub-par performance.  By far the most significant opportunity for an organisation is to convert their 60% of latent capability into productive performance.

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