What for ยป emerging social trends

emerging social trends

Times have changed. Being number one in the market, making the most profit and having the best reputation is no longer enough. Customers are demanding higher quality products and more responsible services that tangibly improve the quality of their lives. People desire more meaningful work which makes a positive difference in the world and in their world. 

There is a growing force for enterprises to be more conscionable and invest in “the good work” which makes the world a better place.  Some indicators include:

  • we are spending more on marketing and advertising and yet customer loyalty and trust is declining
  • companies that have cultures built on care, trust and transparency are growing much faster than companies built on fear and stress
  • people becoming more vocal in social media about an organisations impact on its externalities (environment, community and society)
  • we are working longer and longer hours with levels of stress, anxiety and mental illness on the rise
  • people are increasingly demanding work and work environments that enable them to have a more healthy lifestyle
  • one sixth of all funds invested now are in socially responsible investment funds / recognised companies
  • self-employment and the freelance workforce represents one of the most rapidly growing pockets of the workforce

If you ignore these social trends in the management of your business then you will be left behind. Let us partner with you and create a purpose-driven organisation that enriches the lives of employees, contractors and customers together.

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