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leadership and purpose

Enterprises that care about profits as well as people and the planet will outperform their competitors by 9:1 over a ten year period. AC Nielson global market research has shown that 64% of customers in the Asia Pacific region are prepared to spend more on products and services provided by a company that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Taking a systems perspective and thinking about business impacts on all stakeholders enables better business. A business that does its 'good work' and profits from purpose.

As purpose and leadership consultants we ask the big questions. We partner with you to:

  • Explore and define your purpose or what 'your good work is'
  • Think about innovation in terms of what new products and services are really needed in an emerging world
  • Develop a compelling and inspirational vision and strategy
  • Align human resource strategy and people practices to that vision
  • Develop leaders capable of:
    • creating high trust and performance / engagement cultures
    • inspiring and motivating people
    • enriching lives 

We help put the heart back into businesses so that you can lead an enterprise you are proud of. An enterprise that essentially does 'its good work'.  So that your people love their work and are committed to do their best. So that your customers believe in your purpose. So that all of your stakeholders become passionate about business success.

We work either in a consulting strategy capacity or work through 1-1 coaching for senior leaders to bring more purpose and passion into their own work.

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