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We help build great businesses enriched by people doing their greatest work. We partner with enterprises to create financial and social value with more sustainable performance, growth and productivity.  Our outcomes are achieved through a focus on three streams of work shown below:

Purpose driven leadership - the good work

  • Supporting your executive teams to consider more deeply what kind of products and services provide meaning and purpose to your customers and meet the emerging needs of society
  • Facilitating exploration of the impact your enterprise has on those it serves: customers, clients, employees, contractors, students, residents or patients
  • Aligning people's values and aspirations to the vision, purpose and future business needs
  • Providing individual coaching for leaders to consider their own 'good work' and more effectively integrate it with their current work priorities and strategic agenda

talent and potential - enriching people

  • Assessing and developing leadership capabilities
  • Unlocking latent capability for increased discretionary effort
  • Engaging and developing talent
  • Retaining people by providing more meangingful and enriching career experiences 
  • Linking capability and aspirations to future business needs

engage and sustain - grow the enterprise

  • Conducting engagement surveys to get baseline measures of engagement
  • Encouraging greater levels of innovative thinking
  • Conducting audits on talent risk and mitigating those risks
  • Improving resilience and preventing burnout

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Download a copy of the AHRI presentation on "The Care Factor".


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