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Career and engagement tool

According to Gallup global research there is up to 87% of employees worldwide who are disengaged at work. Stanford University research further claims that up to 88% of people feel their employer does not care about them as people.

This is pretty miserable isn’t it? Worse still it means we are not accessing the full capability and value-add ideas of our talent at a time we critically need it.

Its time to change the nature of talent conversations in our workplaces to change how we engage and fully access the capability of our talent.

Most talent conversations (if they take place at all) are top down and one-way. These are your goals, expected milestones now go and deliver. They rarely are collaborative and framed to elicit greater contribution which create a shared future driven by energy, meaningful work and innovation. This is not how talent wants to work.

The iREAP® Profile is a unique career decision-making tool which helps employees strive for and stay in peak engagement levels by being able to enrich their career and experience of work. It does this by supporting two things:

  1. Inform career decision-making – making the right career moves at the right time

  2. Meaningful career and engagement conversations between an executive / manager and talent which elicit greater contribution and increase the care factor.

The purpose of iREAP® is to identify changes which enrich the individuals’ experience of work and add value in the business. A win-win opportunity for people and business!

iREAP® is based on ten years of motivation and engagement research developed by an Australian engagement and retention specialist Pamela Frost.

Pamela is about to embark on a validation study and wants to collect 1000 validation records between July and December 2016. She wishes to invite senior managers / executives to personally trial the iREAP with further complimentary profiles to use with your team.

Each person participating in this validation exercise will receive a 12-page summary report on your motivational drives, level of alignment in your role, overall engagement levels and recommended career enrichment actions.

Each organisation can have up to 10-15 profiles to use with their teams at no cost. In return we expect feedback on how you found the tool and process to support your career development, employee engagement and talent management practices.

Any individual or team coaching or generation of aggregated team engagement or talent risk mitigation reports will be charged at a nominal fee.

More information about the iREAP® can be found at our website

If you are interested please make contact with Pamela through or email and simply ask for the iREAP® professional trial.

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