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Globally, Gallup reports that 87% of employees are not engaged, or are actively disengaged. The consequences are declining profits and productivity, loss of talent and major difficulties attracting young people.

Thriving enterprises depend on an engaged workforce that can sustain high performance levels over time without burning out. Growth depends on people who are positive and committed to the future needs of the business and its customer base.

Understanding whether or not your employees are engaged and have their motivations
aligned in their work role has both productivity, financial and well-being advantages.

We can run organisation wide employee engagement and alignment surveys.  Reports can be aggregated at a team, departmental or organisational level. 

Our focus on engagement is to encourage self-awareness and individuals taking responsibility. We generate individual reports which inform career and engagement decision-making. They provide a simple structure for managers to have conversations with their teams about what is most important to them 'their work, their career, and their future'.

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