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We care about people, humanity, business and the planet. We care about the importance of doing our own good work.  We care about people and want them to have a good experience of work and to do their own good work for an enriched future. Finally we care about results and being able to generate a positive return on investment for our clients by being able to measure the impact of our work.

Creativity and Innovation

We value innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach to human resources.  We like to support employees to think about opportunities to add value in their work.  We like to design and implement tools and programs that stretch the boundaries, challenge conventional wisdom, as well as encourage new sources of thinking.


We are passionate about growth and development.  We want people to ignite a spark within themselves to say yes to new opportunities, to develop the courage to take on that more challenging assignment, to develop new skills and acquire knowledge, to grow as professionals and human beings and to reach potential.  We want businesses to yield dividends from their people investments in the form of productivity, new product design, performance improvement, profitability and increased market share.


Big challenges require broad solutions.  No one person or company will have all of the answers. Identifying solutions requires a joint approach. We like to work with like minded professionals who share our vision and purpose and therefore will collaborate with your internal change champions, other associates and strategic partners in our work.

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