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'Harnessing latent capability' the biggest opportunity for business today

Most enterprises operate with large amounts of untapped (latent) capability. In our engagement research we typically find that organisations usually only have between 20-30% operating at high levels of engagement. About 50% of your workforce will only be moderately engaged.

This is significant because what it means is that between 60 and 70% of your workforce is under-utilised and not contributing what they are capable of.  There is likely to be targets that are not being met, mediocre performance, an unwillingness to go that extra mile.

Converting this latent capability into performance and potential represents the biggest opportunity for improved effectiveness and business growth for enterprises big and small. Doing so however requires capturing the hearts, minds and spirit of your people. It requires you to think about how to create meaningful work opportunities and how to provide the autonomy needed for people to willingly contribute their ideas for new innovation. It also requires you to create work environments that energise and excite people to drive the business forward. 

In short it requires you to do things differently. Appreciating and demonstrating that people are the central to your business is what will enable you to convert "latent" capability into "talent". More effectively tapping into the talents of your people is what will enable you to compete more effectively, provide exceptional customer service, and to deliver products and services demanded by customers and society.


Posted: 13/04/2016 1:55:39 PM by Pamela Frost


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