Why us ยป our difference

our difference

Our point of difference from other consulting companies who do similar work is about our philosophy and thinking.

Our philosophy

Often people development and engagement is seen from an extraction mindset. "If we build people capability and increase engagement then we can expect people to work harder, be more productive, generate better results" and so on.

Clearly those things are important to a business.  But extracting, cajoling and demanding contribution, effort and loyalty does little to motivate most people to grow a business.

People respond better to an elicit mindset based on give and take, identifying the synergy in needs and the creation of mutually beneficial relationships between employees and contractors, customers and the business. We factor this philosophy into the design of all of our tools and programs.

Our thinking

We like to think about human development from a holistic and systems perspective. We like to consider the interplay between the differing needs of society, business, customers and employees/contractors and how a business can operate in a responsible way to serve those needs.

We challenge assumptions and conventional business practices and processes to ensure they reflect emerging trends and expectations. Our programs are leading edge and innovative.



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