i-income Program
A comprehensive careeer and personal transformation webinar program designed to help you to explore multiple streams of income. 



Career Transformation Guide
A comprehensive career transformation resource designed for you to sustain a prosperous work-life. Six chapters of tools and resources which provide leading edge content, tips and techniques in the areas of career strategy, personal branding, networking and positioning, interviewing, self-employment and career management. 

To download the Overview Chapter then click on the image.

This resource can either be purchased as an entire e-book or purchase the chapters individually. If you would like a printed version of this then please contact us.

Career Transformation Guide
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Career Enrichment Toolkit   
This resource is for people who are seeking a self-paced version of navigating their career path, exploring career options, assessing capability and overcoming obstacles. 

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iREAP Summary Report
The individual Role Engagement Alignment Profile (iREAP) is a career decision-making tool which helps you decide whether you should stay and grow in your role, move to another role internally or exit to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. More information can be found at

The Summary report will indicate your values and motivations and how aligned they are in your current role. It will also reveal how engaged you are with your current organisation so that you can be positioned in the Engagement Risk and Opportunity Matrix. Development strategies are indicated to boost your engagement along with a template for you to prepare for a career conversation with your Manager or Coach. A sample report can be found by clicking on the picture shown here. 

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iREAP Full Report
The iREAP Full Report has additional information over the Summary Report in terms of detailed analysis and descriptions of what motivates you. It also has additional information in terms of what is influencing or impeding your engagement at work. This would be more suitable if you want an in-depth analysis of your engagement levels or want to work with an Executive Coach.

A sample report can be found by clicking on the report picture.

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