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engagement and alignment

We have developed a diagnostic tool and process called the iREAP® that measures engagement towards an organisation and alignment of motivations in role. It profiles people in a risk matrix and provides recommended career actions and development stategies for people. It achieves a level of granularity that engagement surveys cannot reach.

By providing individual reports we place responsibility for engagement firmly in the lap of the individual. People can then make informed career decisions to stay and grow, move or go.

According to Right Management Consultants the top two things that employees would like to speak to their manager about are opportunities for career growth (28%) and career goals (27%). Our reports provide a simple structure for managers to have a meaningful career and engagement conversation.

Typically only 17% of managers and executives are highly engaged and this has a dampening effect on engagement across a business.  So we challenge and support them to address their own engagement levels.  

Finally we build the capability of managers to have quality conversations which align values and aspirations to the future business direction.

Oh and as we also do engagement surveys.

If you would like to look at a sample report of an individually based engagement and alignment report then click here.  

If you would like a sample of a group or team-based aggregated engagement report then click here.

If you would like to find out more about the range of tools and programs we deliver then click here.



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